How can I register as a charging host?

It is possible to make your Smappee EV charging stations publicly available using the Swipe and Charge (public) and/or Scan and Charge option(s) (follow this link to get an overview of the possibilities). In order to activate these methods, you first have to register as a charging host. You can perform this registration yourself using our online form as explained in the following steps: 

Note: Swipe and Charge (Public) and Scan and Charge are only applicable for charging stations owned by companies with a valid VAT number. Charging stations owned by private individuals cannot be used to earn money. Only Split Billing is possible without VAT number as this is considered a reimbursement and not earnings.

Remark: If your company is already registered at Smappee (partner, split billing agreement...), please use the Charging Services card instead of the steps below.

  1. First you have to register you company at Smappee, you can do this via:

  2. You can fill in the form that will be opened in order to register yourself. Among other things, this will require you to fill in your VAT number, billing information and accounting information.
    Remark: The User Name and Password that you are required to fill in, can be used to change your company information. The User Name will need to be different from the one that you are logged on with.

  3. After successfully registering as a charging host. Now, please contact and include the following details:
    - The name of the company you just registered
    - The serial number(s) of the charging station(s) (format: 6xxxxxxxxx). 

Our Smappee support team will link your charging station to your organization as quickly as possible. Once you get a confirmation, everything is set up in order to activate your preferred activation method(s). You can find more information here.