How do I add a QR code to my Smappee Charging Station?

If you have a Smappee charging station, it is possible to start your charging session by scanning a QR code on the charging station with the Smappee app. You can read more about this functionality here:

How can I charge my EV using the QR code on the charger (Scan and charge)?


If you would like to start using Scan and charge, you can attach the sticker to your charging station. You are free to choose where you place the sticker, but we recommend sticking it above/below the socket or cable as shown below:

IMG_20210806_101459.jpg                                    IMG_20210806_101441.jpg


To activate this QR code, you must link it to your charging station using the Smappee app. First, go to the charging station's location and go to Settings. Click on 'Your Smappee charging stations' and choose the charging station in question. Here you can follow the instructions to add the QR code.

mceclip8.png            mceclip7.png


Screenshot_20210812-151103.jpg            mceclip9.png




Note that you will only be able to use the QR code if 'Scan and charge' has been enabled for your charging station. Please see this article for more information:

How can I start and stop charging at my Smappee charging station? How much does it cost to charge?