How to troubleshoot a Smappee EV Line product?

First things to check

In general it is always a good idea to check for any Cloud maintenance and/or errors.

Before troubleshooting, please do make sure everything is connected according to the provided installation manuals (

Also make sure you understand what the station is doing, you can find more on this in article: What does the EV Line LED and Connector Status tell me

All Smappee products need to be activated via the Smappee App (Android and iOS), make sure the Smappee Connect is not in install mode (blue blinking)

Make sure that the charging station has a proper internet connection, please see the tips in article: How to check the connectivity of a EV Line product

Finally always doublecheck with a EV Simulator

List of common errors and questions

If all of the above has been checked, proceed to the following list:

  • Car does not want to charge anymore after being paused, station is Green and the connector state is "Charging Ended"
    • Contact the car manufacturer or your garage, when the Station emits a Green continuous light then it means it allows current, it is then up to the Car to start charging.
  • Car frequently stops and starts charging (Charging station state is set to paused when the car stops)
    • Overload paused the Station, check the Grid measurements, if they exceed the Max Fuse Current -10% or there is less then 6A left, then this is normal, Smappee just saved your fuse!
      • When your main fuse is set to 25A then Smappee will already stop the charging at 22.5A
    • When Smart Charging is enabled, this means that Smappee is waiting for the best possible moment to charge.
    • Make sure the Grid Max Current is set correctly (found in the App under "Settings > Your Smappee monitors > Load Configuration > Grid")
  • Charging transactions and/or other measurements show negative energy
  • How can I enable Smart Charging to maximize solar consumption and minimize energy costs? How does it work?
  • What is a Smappee Connect?