How can I activate Smart Charging when using "Swipe & Charge"?

For a general introduction of Smart Charging, please view this page.

If your Smappee Charging Station is installed residentially and/or the same person will always use the same charging station, you can set Smart Charging settings for that charging station which will be applied to all sessions.

If your Smappee Charging Station is installed commercially and/or different people will use the same charging station, it makes more sense to use different settings every session. This can be done when Scan and Charge is used, or when Swipe and Charge is used. The latter will be explained below.


Adding an RFID card to your Wallet

Firstly, Smappee needs to know which RFID token belongs to which user. To add an RFID card to your wallet, go to Settings and then 'Your wallet'. Here, you can click the plus button:

2022-07-28_16_55_23-cc88435e-4c44-44a6-a1a7-2a92f6d7a280.png    2022-07-28_16_56_48-0f491f36-cfbb-4ba4-8946-b431759059ce.png


Now you can give a name to the card and add the RFID token. If you have an iOS device with NFC, you can press the icon on the right and tap the card against the phone so the token will be filled in automatically. If you have an Android device and a Smappee Smart Charge Card, you can scan the barcode on the back of the device. If you have an Android device and a non-Smappee card, you can find out the RFID token of your card by using an app like NFC Tools.




Notification when starting a charging session

When you now start a charging session with your RFID card, you will receive a notification in the app. This is applicable for all types of Swipe & Charge.


The notification will look like this:



When you click on the notification, you will have the option to activate smart charging:





Note: this feature is only available if the charging station's owner has activated smart charging. This can be done by setting the device to Smart Charging (Schedules only) instead of Normal Charging.