How do I activate my existing Smappee Smart Charge Card for public charging?

You can activate your existing Smappee Smart Charge Card for public charging on the Smappee charging network. This can be done through the App or completing an online form after signing in to our Dashboard.

We make a distinction between two situations

  1. A third party is paying for the charging sessions. This can be an employer paying for the sessions of an employee, for example when the employee uses a company car.
  2. You pay for the charging sessions yourself. This can be when you charge your own private car.

Sessions paid by a third party

Please refer to our comprehensive guide on how to setup and manage the different Smappee Services as an employer or fleet manager:


Sessions paid by yourself

Via the Smappee App

  1. Within the Smappee App navigate to the EV Charging screen. This can be done by tapping on the EV Car icon in the top right of the screen.
  2. A card will be presented with the option to Enable public charging. Click on the Activate or request card button.
  3. A wizard will introduce you to the Smappee Smart Charging network available to you when you activate or request a card for public charging. Read the information and press next.
  4. Complete the form at the end of the wizard and select I already have a Smappee Smart Charge Card to enter the token of your Smappee Smart Charge Card. The token can be found on the back of your Smappee Smart Charge Card.


Via the Smappee Dashboard

  1. Log into the Smappee dashboard with your username and password
  2. Browse to and complete the online form: