Not all the EV Line components are being detected

It is very important that the Smappee Connect is able to read out all the components of a EV Line product.

Signs that not all components are detected are:

  • A red LED on the charging station, that stays red even though the Smappee Connect has been activated and is Green breathing.
  • Measurements are 0 in the App.
  • The Connector state changes are not seen in the App.
  • Car does not want to start charging
  • In the App, on the "Infinity Modules" view you see red triangles next so some modules

EV Wall

  • Check the Ethernet cable between Splitter and RFID/LED module with a cable tester.

The EV Wall uses 2 types of communication busses, we call them A and B.

A and B must be connected to the appropriate ports in both the Splitter and the LED board. (Check the labelling to know which one is which)

  • A is the bus for the measuring devices (CT Hub and Solid core)
  • B is the bus for the Charging Station components (RFID/LED panel, Power box, Connect, Charging Controller)

If the A bus is not properly connected then you won't see any measurement modules such as a CT Hub, the power measurements will also be 0w in the App.

  • All A bus modules also have a LED that indicates whether or not they are being properly detected, you should see A green blinking LED light at a rate of 1 blink per 3 seconds.

If the B bus is not properly connected then none of the modules will be found.

EV Wall Business

The EV Wall Business comes prewired, however do make sure you connect the B port of the LED board to the RJ10 cable.mceclip0.png

EV Base

The EV Base comes prewired, the only thing you need to make sure is that both sides are properly powered (both breakers and RCD must be activated)

If you are sure all is powered but you still see signs of components not being detected, contact support.