The RFID tag is not working

Do you want to use a RFID tag but something is not working?

Please check the following list of common errors:

  • Make sure you physically hear the sound of the RFID card response. You should hear a sound, if you hear no sound then something is physically wrong with the RFID board.
  • The Charging Station must be set to the right Session Activation Method (How do I activate a Smappee Smart Charge Card or other RFID card?)
  • When you're using a public RFID tag, make sure the station is configured to accept public tags. More information on this can be found in: How can I use a third party CSMS?
  • Make sure the Station is emitting a blue light before you present your RFID tag. If you don't have a blue light you either need to plug in the charging cable or change the Session Activation Method as discussed above.
    • For an EV Base you can only authenticate one RFID tag at a time if the authentication is done on top. For the new EV Bases you can authenticate sessions simultaneously using the RFID reader at the correct side.