The car does not start charging

The best thing to check is both the LED and the State (What does the EV Line LED and Connector Status tell me) of the Charging station in the Dashboard.

There are multiple reasons why this could be happening.

  • If there is no Light and the car is properly plugged in, then something is wrong with the power supply, check the circuit breakers and the internal RCD.
  • If the LED remains White, make sure the Cable is properly plugged in and the CP of the charging cable is properly installed as well as the ground wire.
  • If the LED is Blue, then you need to authenticate first.
  • If the LED is Green continuous and in our App/Dashboard you see state "Charging Ended", check the Car if there are any errors.
    • Make sure the Car lock is properly able to close, check the Charging cable for any damage. If damage is detected you could try to increase the hole size until the lock can successfully close. 
    • Contact the Car manufacturer to know the reason why the car doesn't want to start
  • If the LED switches between Green continuous and Green pulsing and you here the breaker inside making a sound every time,
    • Firstly, check the internal RCD of the station.
    • If Delta (3x230V), check with your car manufacturer if the car properly supports a delta configuration
    • Make sure you connected all wires according to the manual
  • Double check that the "Stop" button is not selected in the App (Can be found in the Smart Device configuration)


  • Double check that the Charging Session is not set to "Paused" by the overload, if it is paused, then check why Smappee needs to pause the sessions, are there any big consumers taking up all the energy?