How can I charge my EV using the QR code on the charger (Scan and charge)?

If 'Scan and charge' has been chosen as a 'Session Activation Method' (see this article for more information), users can start their charging session using the Smappee app. The charging fees can be paid by Mastercard or Visa. The Smappee app (available for Android or iOS) can be used to scan the QR code on the charging station and then you simply follow the instructions in the app. For a demonstration of how this works, see the video below:



It is also possible to set discounts for specific usernames or even allow certain people to charge for free. For more information, see this article.


The prices entered for Scan and charge will determine how much money the charging station's owner will receive. Smappee charges a small fee on top of these amounts, so the cost of charging shown to the users is slightly higher than the amounts entered here.


Note: Scan & Charge are only applicable for charging stations owned by companies with a valid VAT number. Charging station owned by private individuals cannot be used to earn money. 


Note that, if you would like to earn money by letting other drivers charge at your Smappee charging station, there is a fee of 10% (plus VAT) on each transaction. Smappee will transfer the earnings to the charging station owner every month. Please see the following article for more information on how you can enable Public Charging on your charging station. 


In the case of an EV Wall (Business), if you did not receive a QR code sticker, contact Smappee to receive one.