How can I start and stop charging at my Smappee charging station? How much does it cost to charge?

As owner of one or more Smappee EV charging stations, you want to have control over who is allowed to charge at your charging station. If you make your charging station publicly accessible, you want control over how users can pay and what fee they should be charged.



There are 3 different 'Session Activation Methods' available:

  1. Plug and charge: the charging station is freely accessible without needing to authorize. Anyone can plug their car into the charger and start charging for free. Note that this method cannot be combined with other Session Activation Methods.

  2. Swipe and charge:
    • Whitelisting: Charging is free with your Smappee Smart Charge Card or any other authorized RFID card. Once the charging cable is plugged-in, the user simply swipes their RFID card and the free charging session begins. All authorized cards must first be added to the whitelist using the app or dashboard. See this article for more information. Each EV Wall (Business) includes one free Smappee Smart Charge Card. Additional cards can be ordered via your Smappee partner.
    • Split billing: This is aimed at employees who charge their company car at home and need to be reimbursed for the electricity consumption. Split billing agreements must be made for each employee. Starting a charging session is similar to whitelisting but at the end of each month, Smappee Services will send a bill for all employees' charging sessions to the company. All individual employees will be reimbursed according to the amount of kWh charged. See this article for more information.
      Remark: for prices please always consult your installer or our sales
    • Public charging: Other EV drivers can use this charging station and pay with a Smappee Smart Charge Card or one from a third-party eMSP such as Shell Recharge or Plugsurfing. This can be done through Smappee's own CPO platform or through a third-party CPO. See this article if you want to make use of Smappee's CPO platform.
      Remark: A payment package is needed for this option. Please contact your installer or our sales for further information about prices.

  3. Scan and charge: the user pays by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) using the Smappee app. They scan the QR code shown on the charging station and the app will guide them through the process of starting the charging session. It is also possible to set discount rates for specific users. See this article of you would like to make use of this option. 
    Remark: A payment package is needed for this option. Please contact your installer or our sales for further information about prices.

Note: Swipe and Charge (Public charging) and Scan and Charge are only applicable for charging stations owned by companies with a valid VAT number. Charging stations owned by private individuals cannot be used to earn money. Only Split Billing is possible without VAT number as this is considered a reimbursement and not earnings.


Choosing a session activation method

By default, Smappee charging stations are set to Plug and charge. To choose which 'Session Activation Methods' should be active, go to and navigate to the 'Charging station configuration' card:




Here, you can edit the active 'Session Activation Methods':




The different session activation methods can be combined. If all Authenticated Charging methods are activated and a card is swiped, it will be checked in this order: Split Billing, Whitelist, Public. So if someone swipes a card which is one the whitelist AND activated for public charging, it will be treated as a whitelist card.