How to access the monitor’s expert portal?

In order to log in to the expert portal, we have several possibilities.

Important: please note that you must be connected to the same network as the Smappee monitor to access the expert portal.

Please note the default login password for the Smappee expert portal is admin.


Login with the IP address of the Smappee monitor

You can access the expert portal via a web browser if you input the following line: where is the IP address of the monitor. You can find the IP address of the monitor by accessing your router/modem or in the Smappee app Settings > Your Smappee monitors > Infinity modules and select your monitor (Genius).

Login with the local Smappee DNS

You can input the local Smappee DNS in a web browser to connect to the expert portal of the monitor. Please input the following: smappeexxxxxxxxxx.local where x is the serial number of the monitor. You can find the serial number of your monitor in the Smappee app.