What is Multi-gateway? How to set it up?

Multi-gateway is a feature that is designed for situations where it is not possible to measure the entire installation with only 1 Smappee monitor. This can be due to the scope of the project (more then 28 CT's required), by the fact that there is a lot of distance between the different boards where measurements must be done or also because it isn't possible to have a RJ10 or RJ45 cable between the different boards.

A Multi-gateway installation will always be comprised of several Smappee measurement kits or charging stations (henceforth called child location) and 1 Genius location (henceforth called parent location). 

Required components

  • Any number of child locations, these can be:
      • Any Smappee charging station.
      • Smappee Infinity installation comprised of a Powerbox, a Connect and any number of CT Hubs and CT's. (Maximum of 7 CT Hubs or 28 measurements per location).
  • 1 parent location which is always a Smappee Genius. 

Set up

Please note you will require a partner or installer account to set up Multi-gateway in the Smappee Dashboard. 

  1. set up and configure all child locations via the Smappee app as you would normally do for a charging station or Infinity installation. 
  2. Connect the Smappee Genius to a free B-port of one of the Connect gateways in the installation with an RJ10 cable. 
  3. set up and configure the Genius on a separate location in the Smappee app. During the installation flows in the app, do not add any loads. 
  4. Login to the Smappee Dashboard, navigate to the Genius location and go to the card Location configuration.
  5. Click promote to multi-gateway parent. After a few minutes, if the update was successful, the function should change 
  6. Finally, link the parent location to all child locations. Navigate to a child location in the Dashboard then go to Charger configuration for a charging station or Location configuration for an infinity. 
  7. Click the next to Multi-gateway parent (Location configuration)or click the next to location (charger configuration).
  8. Input the Genius Serial number of the parent location and click Save.
  9. Repeat the process for each child location. 



  • A multi-gateway installation is also compatible with Smappee output modules. For more information on this, please see this article
  • A Multi-gateway installation is not compatible with Smappee input modules.
  • Additional power licenses such as Power Quality and Power Quality XL are not compatible with Multi-gateway installations.