How do I plan my Home Connect appliance via Smappee?

Ready, Set, Remote Start!

When you have added an appliance and determined the schedules, Smappee is able to determine your solar forecast you are ready to go!



Make sure to the check the manual of your appliance.

You usually need to press a button with the following symbol.


Once your appliance is set to remote start, a program is selected and the door is closed, Smappee will receive this as an event and will plan it accordingly.

Newer appliance also provide a permanent remote start, for this feature to work you need to make sure that the permanent remote start of your appliance is turned off.

You need to manually activate remote start in order to alert Smappee that the smart schedules can be run.

Once it's determined when to plan the washing cycle, you will receive the following notification.



Once the appliance is running, Smappee will also show when the appliance will be finished with its cycle.

Smart Schedules Card

On the Dashboard of the App you will also spot that the appliance shown on the timeline of the Smart Schedules Card.