How do I avoid my Home Connect appliance from being scheduled at night?

Smart Schedules is the answer!

Use a Smart Schedule to determine when you want Smappee to start the Smart Appliance. You always need to set a "from" and "to" period. Please be aware that Smappee uses this to determine the start; the program end can run well beyond the "to" period.

For example, when you set it from 12:00 to 16:00, it is possible that the washing cycle starts at 15:45 and goes way beyond 16:00.


When no Smart Schedule is set or the planner doesn't find a schedule for a specific day within 24 hours, the planner will use the next 24 hours to determine the best possible moment.


You can define Smart Schedules under the details of the Smart Device of the Appliance. (Controle > Smart Devices > "Name of the appliance")




Example of a Smart Schedule