How to change the reimbursement rates for split billing

Electricity rates and the accompanied costs may vary throughout the year. As such you might want to edit the agreed reimbursement rate for charging at home through the split billing agreements. This how to guides you through the necessary steps to take to change either a single agreement or change the reimbursement rate for all agreements.


  • A change in the reimbursement rate will take immediate effect for all future charging sessions. Ongoing charging sessions will be reimbursed at the rate that was available at the start of the session.
  • The invoice to the employer for split billing currently shows the average price of all charging sessions and will not represent the configured rate if multiple, different, reimbursement rates were used during a single month. We will correct this in the future.

First, log in to the Smappee Dashboard with your fleet manager (partner) account that has the split billing activated. Be sure to have the Split Billing card added to your dashboard.

Changing the rate of a single agreement

To change the reimbursement rate for a single agreement, find the employee you want to correct the rate for in the Split Billing card. Then rectify the information by using the edit icon on the Split Billing card as shown below:


Quickly change the rate of all agreements

You can also quickly edit the rate for all split billing stations by pressing the "Update all" button.