How split billing works via Smappee Services

Smappee offers a split billing function via Smappee Services. This function completely relieves employers of the correct monthly reimbursement of their employees for charging their company car at home. Activating a split billing contract is simple: the fleet manager logs in to the Smappee Dashboard and fills in all payment details for the company. He can then create new split billing agreements between employer and employee. In each agreement, the employer states the name, e-mail and reimbursement rates for charging. Then, the agreement goes to the employee to complete his payment details, confirm the agreement and sign the contract. As soon as the contract is signed, invoicing and reimbursement is fully automated. Every month, Smappee Services automatically invoices the employer with the full amount, and reimburses each employee correctly. Through the invoice or the Smappee Dashboard, the employer always has a complete and transparent overview of all charging session and costs per employee and the amount that he will be refunded at the end of the month.

Register your company for Split billing

Please see the following guide and follow step by step:

How to enable split billing for your organisation