Where can I see the charging sessions in the dashboard?

All charging sessions can be checked at all times on both the Smappee app and the Smappee Dashboard. 

if you want a detailed overview of your charging sessions, the Dashboard is the place to be! This is how to check your charging sessions in the Dashboard: 

  1. Login to the Smappee Dashboard (dashboard.smappee.net) and navigate to your charging station or charging square. 
  2. Go to the board EV Line and scroll down in the board until you reach the card sessions

Please note that by selecting a Charging square you will see the sessions of all the charging stations. By selecting a specific charging station, only the charging sessions on that specific charging station will be displayed. 


There is also another card available in the dashboard that shows all charging sessions for the cards added to your wallet in the app called all charging sessions. This card is not part of the dashboard template however so will have to be added manually. In the example below we added it to the main board EV Line.

  1. Click on EV Line on the left side of the Dashboard.
  2. Click in the upper left corner of the Dashboard. 
  3. In the search field of the new popup (on the top of the popup) enter All charging sessions.
  4. Click the all charging sessions card that appears in the popup. 
  5. In EV Line, scroll down all the way. New cards all always added to the bottom of the board.