How do I configure multi-gateway?


  • Stable internet connection, preferably via Ethernet
  • Smappee Connects need at least firmware 2.26 (Note: A Smappee WiFi Connect is not compatible)
  • Smappee Genius that will act as Multigateway Parent (also connected to the Internet)
  • You need a Partner account to set it up


  • As soon as internet drops, the genius cannot keep the data in memory
  • Power Quality (XL) to see harmonics/Min-Max is not supported in Multigateway mode
  • The Genius is not able to do measurements by itself and cannot control Input Modules. However, it can communicate with Smappee Switch and Smappee Gas&Water devices.
  • Output Modules can be connected to the (child) Connect device(s) and controlled via the app/dashboard or via automations. Please see this article.
  • NILM (appliance detection) functionality is not possible in multigateway.

How to set up

  1. Install all 'child' Connect devices as usual and complete their load configuration (like in a regular non-multigateway installation).

  2. Now you will need to provide power to the Genius. There are a few different options for this:
    • Using a separate Power box
    • Plugging it into the B port of one of the child Connects (make sure the Connect has been fully configured before you do this)
    • Use any 12V or 5V power supply. Just make sure the polarity of the provided power is correct as shown below in the image:
  3. Make a normal installation in a new Location of the Genius ensuring the Genius is green breathing indicating the installation is successful. During the installation procedure in the app, do not add any loads.

  4. If needed, empty the entire load configuration as a Genius in multi-gateway setup will not be able to measure loads by itself. If there are still loads in the configuration then the upgrade to a multi-gateway Genius will not be possible.

  5. Upgrading the Genius to the correct firmware can be done in the 'location configuration' card that you can find in the dashboard. There you can click on the 'Promote to multi-gateway parent' button. When the upgrade is complete you will see the following screen:

  6. Finally, you should link the Genius as Parent for all the Child locations. This has to be done in our Dashboard using the Location configuration card. In the example below we link the location "Main distribution panel" (Connect) to the parent location  "Home" (Genius).mceclip0.png




Remark: The Genius can be powered using a 12V power supply, or by connecting it to its own Powerbox, or by powering it from one of the Connects' B-ports.