Why isn't Smappee showing any appliances?


Your Smappee has now been running for at least 5 days, it measures the consumption but you are not seing any appliances?

This article aims to address the most frequent asked questions regarding this.


There is a reason we started the article with mentioning "5 days" because this is the bare minimum that Smappee needs to start detecting the first patterns.

Not all appliances can be detected

Please check the Appliance Prerequisites on: How does Smappee recognize appliances?

New App versus Legacy App

First of all there is a big difference on how we used to show the appliances in the past (with the Legacy App) versus on how they are shown now.

The Old (Legacy App) Way (App 1.0)

The way the appliances detection works is by clustering multiple of same power drops or increases (also known as signatures or features) into a pattern, in the Old App we used to call this "Find Me". Then it was up to the user to see if this "Find Me" has events that matched a appliance he was using in his home.

Some appliances were labeled automatically but this was limited to Fridges, Freezers and in some cases Garage doors and Lights.


The New Way (App 2.0)

In general we noticed that the clustered "Find Me" do not always represent a appliance  in fact most of the "Find Me's" don't, this is because some appliances contain multiple parts each with their own pattern resulting in multiple or mixed Find Me's.

In the new App we have decided to hide the "Find Me's" and instead provided methods to search and label these "Find Me's" for you.

We have also introduced automatic algorithms the search for more complex appliances such as Dishwashers or Tumble dryers.

A full description can be found on the following Article: How does Smappee recognize appliances?

Wrong or missing configuration

The Appliance detection will only work if:

  • The Survey is filled in: How does Smappee recognize appliances?
  • The Consumption measurements must be correct, if they are incorrect then after a month we disable the appliance detection on your location
  • For Smappee Infinity we only start detecting Appliances if the Servicelocation is type "Residential".

The measurements must be correct

Some facts for all our products:

  • The CT's must be placed in the right direction.
  • If you have Solar Panels, these must be measured as well so that Smappee can calculate to total power draw of all the appliances regardless of source.
  • Consumption of 0W is impossible
  • Always On of 0W is impossible
  • The Grid CTs must be placed (preferably) where both Import and Export is measured as close to the utility meter as possible
  • The Solar CTs must be placed as close as possible to the inverter. (To measure purely the production)


For the Smappee Energy and Smappee Solar please consult the following articles to check or adapt the configuration:

Expert portal configuration for Smappee Energy

Expert portal configuration for Smappee Solar

For the Smappee Genius please the following guide:

My measurements are wrong for Smappee Infinity