What do the LED colours of my charging station mean?


LED colour

LED status


Action of the user


White continuous

The Smappee charging station is available.

Connect your EV with the charging station.


Blue continuous

Your EV is connected with the Smappee charging station, but it is not yet authorised to charge.

•   If using an RFID, scan your charge card.

•   If using QR code, scan the QR code and follow the instructions in the app.


Blue flashing

Your RFID card is being verified.

Wait until the LED is green.


Green pulsing

The Smappee charging station is charging your EV.

Your EV is being charged.


Green continuous

Your EV has stopped charging.

If the EV is fully charged, disconnect the cable.


Red continuous

The Smappee charging station is unavailable or an error has occurred.

Use the Smappee dashboard to enable the charging station or check for error messages. Try removing the charging cable and power-cycling the charging station.


Red flashing

Your RFID card is not authorised.

Check if your card's RFID token is on the whitelist.


Note that the colours below refer to the colours of the LED light on the outside of the charging station. For the colour codes of the Smappee Connect that is inside the charging station, please refer to this article.