How can I automatically adjust my charging station's brightness?

The 'Charging stations automations' card in the Smappee dashboard allows you to set schedules for changing the brightness of you charging station's LED. This could be useful if, for example, you want the LED to be brighter during the day than at night.


Firstly, add the 'Charging stations automations' card to a board in the Smappee Dashboard. Then, click 'Add automation':


Next, fill in the shown fields:

  • Name of this automation
  • Which days it should run
  • What time it should run
  • What the action should be (set brightness)
  • On which charging station(s) it should run
  • What the new brightness should be



Now, make a similar automation to turn down the brightness in the evening. You will then see two automations in the list:






Note: only the brightness of the white light will be adjusted. The brightness of the colored LED cannot be changed.