How can I add my company's info to the Smappee App/Dashboard?

Branding possibilities

If you are a Smappee Partner, you are able to add your company's logo and contact information. For more information on managing the settings of a partner organisation, see this article: How to manage organisations


The logo and contact information you have filled in will be visible in your customers' Smappee app/dashboard as shown below:









How to setup

Firstly log in to the Smappee dashboard with your partner - Full access account. Then add a new board and the card named 'Organisations':


In the Organisations card, under 'Actions', press the pencil button:


Edit the relevant information of your organisation and click Save:

Tips & Tricks

  • The colour codes need to be set in HEX-format. For example, white is #FFFFFF

  • When the changes are saved, they are immediately applied in the Mobile App and Dashboard

  • The logo has a maximum image size of 200px by 200px. If your logo is too large, you can edit it in almost any image editor. If you are using Windows, you can use the standard Photos app and click on the three dots, then 'Resize', then 'Define custom dimensions'. Note: ensure you maintain the original aspect ratio.