How to manage organisations?

Being a Smappee partner you can create and manage your own organisations in the Smappee Dashboard, they can represent your end-customers or perhaps sub branch within your company.

To do this you need a Partner account with role "Partner Full access" (please use this form to request an account)

You can also manage the branding, more information on this can be found in the following article: How can I add my company's info to the Smappee App/Dashboard?


Managing your Organisations

To edit the settings of your own organisation you click on the profile icon on the top right and select "Organisation settings"


Same setting can also be found by pressing the pencil icon in the actions columns in the Organisation Card.

On this Card you can also go to the settings of the Suborganisations marked by "/".

In the example below:

Good Energy, Reference tests, Snowball and TestLab are Suborganisations of Smappee.


The following settings can be changed:




Creating a suborganisation

To create a Suborganisation you need to press "Create organization" in the Organisations card.



This will prompt the following settings to be filled in, the parent is always your own organisation.


Creating and managing organisation users

To manage and create you own organisation users you need 2 cards: "Organisation Users" and "Users"

The users card allows to search and create users belonging to your organisation and suborganisations.


To Create a new user for your organisation select "Create user".



This will prompt a number of settings

The following things need to be taken into account when creating a user:

  • The username must be unique.
  • Multiple users can have the same Email address.
  • Roles determine what the user will be able to do: full explanation is found here: (see User Roles)
  • The Organisation determines to which organisation the user will belong, for Partner accounts this also determines what locations they are able to view (see User Roles)






The organisation users card display the users per selected (sub)organisation and also allow you to assign and unassign users.


Assigning Smappee Hardware to a suborganisation

For this you will need the Device Management and the Location Configuration cards.


Device Management

When a Smappee has never been installed before you can assign it to a Suborganisation via the Device Management card:

In the example below you see "Smappee" and "Basic" in the top.

This means that the table is now displaying all Devices belongen to organisation "Smappee" that have a "Basic" Activation Code*.

*Smappee user activation codes to enable certain features on devices, for example a Smappee Genius needs the Power Quality activation code to determine the Min and Max of the Voltages/Currents.


You can also search for specific devices using the "Search devices" search field, do remember that this search only searches withing the selected dropdown options.


To move a device to a suborganisation you need to press the "Move" icon found in "Actions".

Multiple devices can also be selected on the left (by checking the checkboxes)


This will prompt a message to select to which organisation to move the hardware.

The activation code also gets moved so that the Smappee remains to have the same features.


Location Configuration

If the Smappee is already installed and you wish to move it to a different location you need to use the Location configuration card.


You can do by first navigating to its location using the search in the Dashboard on the top right.


Once you are on this location you can change it via the "Organisation" option in the Location configuration card.


This will prompt the same message as on the move option of Device Management