How can I use Smappee to charge at the cheapest moments of the day (smart charging)


Charging your vehicle at home can be quite taxing on the electrical installation. With Smappee smart charging you can optimize your charging sessions by maximizing self-consumption of energy produced by solar panels, and by charging during the cheapest possible periods. 


With a Smappee charging station, it is possible to optimize your charging sessions to charge as optimally as possible. In order for the Smappee charging station to offer the possibility to smart charge, there are certain prerequisites however. 

  • We only offer smart charging on the following product line: 
      • EV Wall
      • EV One
      • EV Base
  • We do not offer smart charging on the Lite versions of our charging stations. 
  • It is required that the charging station is linked to an installation measuring both Grid and total solar production. In case of the Home version of our charging stations, the equipment to measure these loads are included (for 3 phase solar production a solar addon will be required).
    The EV Base or the Business version of our chargers, will require a separate Infinity installation.  

Setting up smart charging for your charging station

You can set your charging station to smart charging in both the Smappee app and the Smappee Dashboard. Follow these articles for more specifics:

Via the App: How to set up smart charging in the Smappee app?

Via the Dashboard: How to set up smart charging via the Smappee Dashboard?

More details on Smart Charging modes

Solar Only: Smart charging - solar only

Schedules (and surplus): Smart charging - schedules (and surplus)