How to manage automations on the Smappee Infinity?

Our Smappee Infinity allows you to set up automations in your household. These automations allow you to manage your household through smart devices or to get certain notifications.

To set up a automation, please login to the mobile app and go to the tab "control", in the upper right corner of the menu select "all". There, choose "automations".

If no automations are present, you will only have one option: "create an automation". Use that button to start.

If there are already automations, all of them will be listed in that menu. This is also where you can manage the automations.

Add an automation

To add a new automation, please use the + sign in the lower right corner of the menu. Then follow the process to create your personal automation.

Managing an automation

Click on the automation you wish to edit. Detailed information will be displayed about the automation. You can change basic information like the automation name but you can also edit the trigger or manage the action.

You can also remove the automation entirely.


Please note the automations are only available if you have a Smappee Genius connected in your Infinity installation. No other devices such as the Smappee connect are compatible.