What is a Smappee Wi-Fi Connect?

The Wi-Fi Connect is, similar to the Genius, the gateway between the Power Box and the cloud (Smappee or other), ensuring secure data storage from different components. Data is transferred via Wi-Fi. In the event of a network outage, data will be stored for one day. It only transfers data to our cloud and does not offer smart control functionality as it is not able to communicate with Smappee Switches, Smappee Gas & Water, Output/Input modules, etc.

  • Gateway between monitoring system and cloud via Wi-Fi.
  • Future-proof thanks to over-the-air updates.
  • Cost-effective alternative to the Smappee Genius.
  • Ensures secured data storage from components.
  • 1-day data storage in case of network outage.

For more details about the Smappee Wi-Fi Connect you can check out the Technical Specifications here.