What is a Smappee Output Module?

The Smappee Output module is, next to the Smappee Switch and Smappee scenes, a cost-efficient way
to add smart control to the Smappee Infinity ecosystem. The module has 2 separate power relay outputs
(dual throw: NO/NC/Common). This allows remote control of devices that are either directly powered
(max. 5 A switching capability) or control a breaker (single or 3-phase) to steer high power equipment
e.g. a motor, EV charging station, hot water boiler. It can also be used as control signal for smart devices
such as Smart Grid Ready heat pumps. You can add up to 10 output modules to the Smappee Infinity
setup thanks to its RJ10 connection. The modules communicate via Modbus RTU (RS-485) with the
Smappee Genius or any third party data logger.

  • Add control to the Smappee Infinity ecosystem.
  • 2 relay outputs (NO/NC/Common).
  • Daisy-chain up to 10 output modules.
  • The output modules can easily be added thanks to a quick RJ10 connection.

For more details about the Smappee Output Module you can check out the Technical Specifications here.


Remark: only works with a Smappee Infinity setup including a Genius as gateway. Not compatible with the Connect series.