Changing the currency

You can change the currency in two ways, either using the Smappee App or using the Smappee Dashboard.

Change currency using the Smappee app

Open the Smappee app and go to the Settings > Your Location(s)Location details

Click on the Currency input field to change it. Select the wanted currency from the list. 

Change currency on the Smappee dashboard

Go to and login with the same credentials as used with your Smappee app.

Next, click in the left bottom on the + Add board button:


Give the board a name (as an example: configuration), select an icon and click Add board:


Now you will see an empty board. If this is not the case, click on the name of the board you just created.

In the centre of the screen you see a button Add card. You can also click on the Add card at the top of the page:


Now choose the Location configuration card from the list. You can use the Search input field to filter the cards.


In this new card now search for the property Currency. By clicking on the edit button, you can give in the name of the new currency you want to use. After selecting the new currency press Save.