Can I get access to the data via MQTT?

We offer costumers the possibility to obtain data directly via MQTT.

Use of MQTT requires programming knowledge.


The Smappee Genius and Smappee Pro have a MQTT broker and can also send their data to another broker. In case you would like the Genius or Pro to send data to its own MQTT broker, the MQTT local broker URL must be set to tcp://localhost:1883 .

The Smappee Energy and Solar can only send data to another broker. The Smappee Connect and P1/S1 Module do not support local MQTT.

For more information about the data access and the MQTT topics please refer to the attached documents:

Please note that running Node-Red locally on the Smappee Genius is no longer supported.


Warning !

- We do not offer support setting up MQTT data access nor do we offer assistance in case of issues with the program/scripts.

- When you have a 3rd party Car Charger as a Smart device (EVBox, Alfen, Keba, Powerdale), please do not reroute the MQTT values to your own server on the Smappee Genius. The MQTT url must remain on Localhost (default setting).