The graphical view in the app

If you click either the consumption or production bubble, you will gain access to the graphical view of the selected value. You can also click on Graphs & details.

The graphical view allows for more in-depth analysis of your consumption and/or production. There is also a graphical view available for gas and water consumption.

Please find a small overview of the available options in the graphical view:

Period and interval selection

Here you can select the interval (day, week, month or year) and the period for the selected interval, for example when selecting interval "day", what day do you want to see the measured data?

Consumption/solar graph

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see a lightning bolt. It is possible to filter out the consumption if you select "solar". This option is not available if only consumption is measured in your installation.

Details of your graphs

If you want to take actions on the graph, you can select this option. This will enlarge the graph over the screen and you will be able to zoom in, out scroll left to right etc. for a better in-depth analysis.

Additional information

Below the graph, you will also find further helpful information such as total consumption/production during the selected interval and period and further calculated costs and values based on measured data that are useful for energy optimization.