Expert portal configuration for Smappee Solar

After the (re)installation of the monitor or after a power cut, it is possible the monitor will not measure correctly. This is probably due to the configuration of the monitor. Please find below the steps to verify the configuration:

Please note this is the expert portal configuration for solar energy monitors. These monitor's serial numbers start with 110.

To log into the Expert Portal, see our other article about this, click here.

After successfully logging in to the expert portal, please go to the tab “configuration”. You should see the following screen. Please see the legend on the next page for instructions on what everything is used for.

Overview and legend


The high Level configuration of the monitor.

  • 3 phase configuration: star (3 phases + a blue neutral wire) or delta (3 phases without a blue neutral wire).
  • Frequency: this depends what country you live in. Either select the correct frequency or leave on auto detect.
  • CT config (solar mode): This determines how measured solar production interacts with measured consumption. It depends if the consumption measured is export/import or total consumption.
    • GRID+solar: Total consumption is calculated. It is calculated as follows: consumption + solar = total consumption.
    • LOAD+solar: Total consumption is directly measured by the consumption clamps and does not interact with solar production.
  • Auto-detection: always Turn off.
  • Monitor mode: we recommend choosing the configurations below that applies best to you. Please do not use any others as they are for testing purposes or configurations in America.
    • Consumption only: single phase (1)
    • Consumption only: Three phase 120d (123)
    • Single phase + solar (1-4)
    • Three phase load + solar 120d (123-456)
  • Phase to input mapping: this is the most important setting for a correct configuration. The 3 numbers represent the 3 phases of your installation (in a three phase installation). The first phase of your installation is not necessarily the first phase on the monitor as the Smappee monitor recognizes the phase from the power socket it is connected to as the first phase (the reference phase). This is the main reason why the monitor is not measuring your installation correctly.

The voltage reverser

The voltage is measured by the power socket, since the power socket is AC it doesn't matter in which direction you plug in the power plug of the monitor. This does however have an effect on the Amperage measurements. Reversing this reverses everything, and would be the same as if you would pull out the power plug, turn it around and plug it back in.

The measured active values

Here you can see what values are measured by each clamp connected to the Smappee. You can see what load the phase represents and to what input of the Smappee they are connected. You can also see if an individual reverse is active on the phase and how good the quality of the measured power is (cos fi).

We recommend never using individual phase reverse to correct configurations. The only recommended use for this feature is to use it when you are 100% sure that particular clamp is connected with the arrow pointing in the wrong direction.

The detected connected CT’s

Here you can see in what Smappee input a clamp is connected and if the clamps are correctly detected.

Save and undo button

  • Save changes and restart: this will save any changes you have made to the configuration and restart the monitor to apply them. The restart process takes about 5 minute and the expert portal will be unavailable during that time.
  • Undo changes: this will undo any changes you have made to the configuration.


How to correct the configuration

Please start by checking the installation manual. It is very important that the solar energy monitor is correctly installed.Important things to verify are:

  • Did you use the V-cables?
  • Are the Clamps on the same Inputs connected to the same phase?
  • Is the solar production injected in the correct consumption phase?
  • Are all clamps correctly connected?

Try and configure the monitor while there is a lot of solar production. It will be easier to configure the solar production in that case.

Please also check the high level configuration of the monitor. If this is wrong, any following steps taken will be in vain.

Lets take this monitor for an example:


The high level configuration is correct, it’s a three phase electrical installation with a single phase solar inverter set to phase to input mapping 2-1-3.

This means the monitor is measuring phase 1 in input 2, phase 2 in input 1 and phase 3 in input 3. The default configuration of the monitor is 1-2-3.

It is set to GRID+solar which means that the monitor calculates consumption. We are telling the monitor that the consumption clamps measure export and import and not total consumption.

In this particular case the configuration is wrong. The cos fi is very low for both consumption and solar production which means the quality of the measured active power is very bad. This is usually an indicator that the configuration is wrong, especially for solar production or when measuring high powers (1000w+).

Please note that solar production with an active power of over 200w should always show 95+% cos fi. If this is not the case, the solar production is not measured correctly.

In order to fix this configuration, we will have to change the phase to input mapping until we find a configuration with much better active power quality (cos fi) for both consumption and solar production.


After some changes, we notice the default configuration (1-2-3) looks best.

  • Solar production is very good quality (99%)
  • consumption values are all good quality (71-74%)

The configuration does not look correct yet however as the values are negative. There is however 1 phase measuring positive values which means we cannot just use the option "run voltage reverser" to fix this problem as this will also reverse phase 3 which is measuring correctly. Remember, voltage reverser, reverses everything.This means we will first have to reverse the phase individually. It appears this clamp is not connected correctly in the fuse board. The arrow of the clamp is pointing in the wrong direction.


The monitor is now measuring correctly.