What are the bubbles on the main page of the Smappee app?

On the main page of the Smappee app, you will see either 1 or 2 bubbles.

The yellow bubble is your real-time consumption drawn by all the appliances/devices in you electrical installation

  • This is not the same as your Grid measurements
    • To calculate the Consumption we add the production to the grid measurements (provided you selected 'only your surplus' for the Production load config)
    • Batteries Charging and Discharging (that are submetered) are also not shown in the yellow bubble

The green bubble is your real-time production.

Beneath the bubbles you can also find other helpful information:

  • Daily Gas consumption (requires a Smappee gas and water monitor)
  • Daily Water consumption (requires a Smappee gas and water monitor)
  • Always ON or standby power

The bubbles scale as the values in the bubble grow bigger or smaller. The bigger the value, the bigger the bubble. A nice visual aid for a quick heads up of your installation.

The values in the bubbles are updated every 5 seconds.


Select either bubble to move over to the graphical view of the values in that bubble.