How to set up smart charging in the Smappee app?

With a Smappee charging station, it is possible to optimize your charging sessions to charge as optimally as possible. In order for the Smappee charging station to offer the possibility to smart charge, you'll have to set it up first. 

Setting up smart charging can be done in a few different ways:

  • For end-users

If the same person or family uses the charging station, the smart charging settings can be set up via the app. These settings will then be valid for every charging session, regardless of who is using the charging station or which session activation method is used (plug&charge, whitelisting etc)

To set up Smart charging, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to the app and navigate to the menu control.
  2. in that menu, click Smart devices.
  3. In the charging station overview you will be able to change the setting with the 3 buttons on the top of the screen.
    • is Standard charging
    • is Smart charging - Schedules
    • is Smart charging - Solar only

  • In a commercial environment

If several different people that don't necessarily have access to the charging station in the Smappee app use said charging station you can't really set up smart charging via the app. As mentioned, this will set smart charging for everyone but some people might not want to charge smart and just want to charge as fast as possible. 

This could be the case for employee parking or public charging stations. 

In that case it is best to leave the charging station to Standard charging. Drivers that charge on that station and use the Smappee app can decide for themselves then if they want to charge smart. You don't need to set up anything for this in the app. 

If the charging station is set to swipe&charge and the user has added their RFID card to the Wallet in the app, they will receive a notification asking if they want to activate smart charging automatically.