How to activate whitelisting on my charging station via the Dashboard.

If your Smappee charging station is located outside where other people could potentially charge their vehicle, it might be best to secure the charging station so only you and people of your choice can charge the vehicle on that charging station. 

This can be done via the Smappee Dashboard and takes only a few minutes: 

  1. Login to the Smappee Dashboard ( and navigate to the board EV Line
  2. In the board EV Line, scroll down until you see the card Whitelisting
  3. In the card Whitelisting, click +Add token.
  4. In the new pop up that opened, complete the requested information.
    • Token (RFID serial number)
    • Alias (Entry name) 
    • Expiration date (no date = no expiration)
    • Please note that the fields Alias and Expiration date or optional
  5. Click Add in the bottom right corner of the pop up.


  • You can use the symbol to edit card details or thesymbol to remove the card from the whitelist.
  • When you add an RFID card to the whitelist for the first time, whitelisting will automatically be activated on your charging station. 
  • When you remove the last RFID card from the whitelist, whitelisting will be automatically deactivated on your charging station.
  • For Smappee cards the RFID serial number is printed on the back of the card. If your card does not have the serial number printed, you can use certain third-party tools like the Android app NFC Tools to find the serial number.