How to activate whitelisting on my charging station via the app

If your Smappee charging station is located outside where other people could potentially charge their vehicle, it might be best to secure the charging station so only you and people of your choice can charge the vehicle on that charging station. 

This can be done via the Smappee app and only takes a few minutes. Find below how:

  1. Login to the Smappee app and navigate to settings.
  2. Click on your charging stations.
  3. In the next screen click on the symbol to add your first card. If you have already added an RFID card and you wish to add a second, third etc, please use the symbol next to whitelisting
  4. Now complete the required input fields.
    • Alias (card name)
    • Token (serial number of the card). you can also scan the barcode if there is one on the card. 
    • priority (set to 50% by default)
    • expiration date (no date = never expires)
  5. Click next to add the card to the whitelist. 


  • You can also click on the added cards in the menu Smappee charging stations to edit the settings of the card and even to remove the card from the whitelist. 
  • When you add an RFID card to the whitelist for the first time, whitelisting will automatically be activated on your charging station. 
  • When you remove the last RFID card from the whitelist, whitelisting will be automatically deactivated on your charging station.
  • For Smappee cards the RFID serial number is printed on the back of the card. If your card does not have the serial number printed, you can use certain third-party tools like the Android app NFC Tools to find the serial number.