How to create a Smappee user account.

In order to start your Smappee adventure, you will first need an Smappee user account so you are able to login to both the Smappee mobile app and the Smappee Dashboard (

You can only create a new user via the Smappee mobile app. Afterwards you will be able to use the same login credentials on the Dashboard as well. 

First Download the Smappee app via the Google play store or the Apple store. Once it's downloaded and installed go ahead and open the app. 

Now click the button sign up.

You will be asked to create a new account. The information required is:

  • Username
  • First Name
  • Email address
  • Password

Once these details have been input, click Agree and Sign up.

You will now automatically signed in to your account in the Smappee app. These credentials can now also be used to login on the Smappee Dashboard. 

Please note however that currently your account will be empty. You will not have any access to any locations. You should now ask your installer to share the installed Smappee monitor's location with your user account.