How can I create and follow up my tickets?

User account

As soon as you contact Smappee via "" or you became certified via the Academy, Smappee will create an account for you on the Helpdesk website.


With this account, you can view the statuses of your tickets.

If you have colleagues belonging to the same organisation, Smappee can also make sure that you see the ticket of your colleagues as well.

Al user accounts are bound to e-email address.

We can also link your phonenumber to this email account, this way we know it is you that is calling when you contact our helpline.

Login to helpdesk tool

URL is:

On the top right you have a sign in button.

When you click sign in, you will be asked for login credentials.

You can always press "forget password" should you have forgotten your password.


Creating tickets

To create a ticket for our you can either click on the "Submit a request" button or send a mail to ""

If your question is Smappee Services specific, you can also send a mail to ""


When sending a mail you will know when a ticket is created because you get the following mail back:

General Guideline

  • Always mention the serialnumber of your device
  • Please create one ticket per topic, many topics in one ticket can be confusing for both the agent and you
  • When a ticket is solved, do not worry, if you do not agree, you still have 14 days to respond
  • We aim to respond on ticket within 48 hours.
  • Tickets from certified customers will get prio.
  • When you encounter issues with your charger, we encourage to provide as much information as possible, Smappee will ask for more info when needed.
    • What color were the LEDs of the modules
    • What is the serialnumber of the device
    • When did you encounter the issue on which timestamp?
    • Screenshots
    • etc...


Viewing your tickets

Once logged in you can view your tickets on by pressing "my activities" on the top right


  • Underneath My requests you can see all tickets that were created on your name
  • Underneath Requests I'm CC'd on you can see all tickets where you have been placed in CC
  • Underneath Organisation requests you can see all tickets that were created by your colleagues (INFO: Please beware that Smappee must activate this feature for your account)


Per ticket you will see an ID , Creation date and Status

  • When you contact us by phone it is always to have the ID on hand as a the Servicedesk agent can easely search this in the ticket database.
  • The Status has 3 states "Open, Awaiting your reply and Solved "
    • Open means Smappee is still investigating your request and needs to do action
    • Awaiting your reply means Smappee needs more information from you
    • Solved means Smappee deems the case as solved, you can always reply within 14 days if you do not agree with the solution. After 14 days the ticket will be solve, you do still have the option to create a new ticket referencing the old ticket.