How can I create a Group to apply a specific price or discount?

A group is made of (virtual) tokens. It is possible to create groups with the card ‘Groups’ on the Smappee dashboard. Both RFID tokens as virtual tokens can be put in a group. 

Please see the following article on where you can find a virtual token: Where can I find my virtual token ?

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When adding a new group a new pop-up will appear where you have the option to add members with their (virtual) RFID tokens. There also is a possibility to import RFID tokens in bulk.

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On the second page of this pop-up, you'll be able to name the group. 

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Once a group is made you can apply a discount or a different tariff on it. You can find the steps to set up a pricing policy here.


Note: A token can only be added to one discount group on the same CPO.