How can I assign priorities to a specific user?

It is possible to prioritise the charge of certain users by setting a priority on their RFID tokens. This is done using the 'Charging priorities’ card on the Smappee dashboard

FAQ PP 95.png

A typical implementation might be that the priority can be lower for the RFID-tokens of employees than for visitors; assuming that employees will be at the office for a longer period of time.

Please beware that there are also "virtual" tokens used for Scan and Charge, these can also get different priorities: Where can I find my virtual token ?

FAQ PP 96.png

Note that, in this example, the charging card with RFID Token ‘12345678’  was given a lower priority than the default value (50%). Therefore, this employee's EV will charge more slowly than a visitor's EV in case only limited current and overload protection takes place.