Configuration of the Cascade Overload Protection

For general information on Cascade Overload Protection, please see here

To start, please note that all configuration for this feature is done through the Smappee Dashboard. This is the only place to configure Cascade Overload Protection. To start the configuration, please add the card "Overload Protection" to an existing board or to a new board. 

Please note that in the screenshots in this article, the following configuration is used to explain the setup: 

- A primary distribution panel with the main fuse of 400A max. 
- A submetered office building. 
- A submetered secondary distribution panel for the charging square with a fuse of 200A max. 
- 5 Smappee EVbase units with double connector (11kw) connected to the secondary distribution panel.

Keep in mind from the requirements that the charging square needs to be defined and measured as a separate circuit.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 153908.png

After adding the "Overload Protection" card in the Smappee Dashboard, please click the button "select loads". Here you select all loads involved in the hierarchy of the Cascade Overload Protection. In the case of this example, this would be the Office building, charging square and charging stations installed on the charging square. 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 154415.png

After adding these, the loads are all set on the same level. This underneath the GRID. Now please define the hierarchy by dragging and dropping the loads underneath each other. Then, please set the maximum current for each circuit where Cascade Overload Protection needs to be applied. In this case, we drag "Academy charging station" underneath the charging square and enter 200A as the maximum current for the charging square. As a final step, hit "save" to register the changes. 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 155112.png

You are now done. Cascade Overload Protection is now configured to this location.