How and where to swipe a RFID card on a Smappee charging station

Smappee charging stations offer a way to start charging sessions with RFID cards, to start a session with an RFID card there are some requirements:

Depending on the type of charging station you have the RFID reader is located at a different location, but the sound and color signals are the same.

After the swiping, you need to hear a sound and the LED will blink blue.

  • If the card gets accepted you will hear a confirmation sound and the LED will be green.
  • If the card is denied you will hear an error sound and the LED will blink red.

EV Wall

For all types of EV Wall products, the RFID reader is located on the front panel same location as the LED. You need to swipe over the LED until you hear a sound and the panel starts blinking blue.



Tip: We noticed that some RFID cards have a weaker antenna due to which they are a bit harder to use with a EV Wall. We recommend to always put the card on the plexiglass and avoid touching the metal of the front plate as much as possible as demonstrated in the following image/video.



On some cards there is also symbol indicating where the antenna is located, it is best practice to swipe this on the RFID panel.




EV Base

In the newest version of the EV Base, there are 2 RFID readers located on each side also in the same location as the LED's.



In the older trespa version of the EV Base, it was located on top at the RFID symbol.



EV Ultra

For the EV Ultra, it is located above the charging cable holder, where the smaller LED is located.


EV One

In the case of the EV One you will find the RFID reader on top of the station, where the LED is located.