What is the billing process for public charging using Smappee CPO?

When a charging station owner wants to enable public charging via Smappee CPO, there is a cost of monthly which will be charged to the charging station owner/operator. Additionally, there is a cost of commission (fixed percentage) on all public charging transactions.


Each month, two separate bills will be generated:

  1. A bill from the charging station owner to Smappee Services for the earnings from the charging stations' public charging sessions. This bill will be generated by Smappee Services in name of the charging station owner ("self-billing").
  2. A bill from Smappee Services to the charging station owner for the monthly costs and for the commission.


Below you can find an example of both documents.



This is the self-billing invoice which is used to pay the charging station owner. In this example, there were 26 public charging sessions for a total of 540.872 kWh. This invoice is for all charging station where 'Company NV' is owner/operator. Note that the price per kWh is set by the charging station owner/operator.






This is the bill for the monthly costs and commission: