What is the billing process for Split Billing?

The only costs related to Smappee Services's Split Billing service is a fixed fee per month, per agreement. The employer chooses a reimbursement rate (in €/kWh) they want to offer their employee and this is 100% transferred from the employer to the employee.


Each month, the employer will receive a bill from Smappee Services similar to the example shown below.

This bill will be for:

  • The service fee (+ %21 VAT)
  • The amount of kWh charged by the employee at their home charging station, multiplied by the chosen reimbursement rate




The reimbursement rate is chosen by the employer and can be changed (with immediate effect) whenever needed. If this rate is changed mid-month, the sessions before the change will use the old rate and the sessions after the change will use the new rate. The reimbursement rate shown on the bill will be a weighted average of the two values.


Once this bill has been paid to Smappee Services, we will transfer these funds to the respective employees.  Note that there is VAT only on the service fee and NOT on the reimbursement.