How can I set a maximum grid capacity?

In certain countries, your grid operator may charge distribution fees depending on your peak power consumption from the grid, or they may even impose a maximum power than can be taken from the grid. In these cases, you want to limit how much power is taken from the grid. This means that, when there is a lot of consumption in the house/building, you may want to slow down or pause the charging of your EV.


When a maximum grid capacity of for example 5 kW is set, the charging station's speed will be adjusted such that the grid power never goes over 5 kW. This will always be active, regardless of whether smart charging is being used or not.


Please note that EVs have a minimum charging current of 6 A (so 1.4 kW for single-phase and 4.1 kW for three-phase) so make sure your maximum grid capacity is set to a value well above this minimum charging power. Also note that if your charging station loses internet connection, and offline charging is enabled, the charging station will fall back to the its failsafe current and the maximum grid capacity may no longer be respected. Please ensure your failsafe current is set to a low value (e.g. 6 A).


You can set a maximum capacity via the Smappee app, or via the Smappee Dashboard:



Screenshot_20230206-134831.jpg Screenshot_20230206-134838.jpg


Screenshot_20230206-134843.jpg Screenshot_20230206-135325.jpg





Navigate to the 'load configuration' card. Here you can click the pencil icon to edit the max capacity: