The consumption graphs

What conclusions can I draw from these graphs?

The graphs provide you with an overview of your consumption, and you have the option of viewing them per day, per month or per year. Moreover, the associated cost is also displayed. If you rotate your smartphone or tablet screen, you can see the graphs in a landscape format.

Standard graph for electricity

As soon as you have clicked on ‘Consumption’, your electricity consumption and standby consumption will be displayed. If you have a Solar energy monitor, you will also be shown how much energy you have generated. All this is incorporated into a timeline from which you can read exactly how much you have consumed and generated, and when.

Water and gas graphs

If you press on the yellow bar, you will see a graph showing your gas consumption; and if you press on the dark blue bar, you will see one showing your water consumption. Once again, both graphs will provide you with an overview of your consumption per day, per month or per year. You can use them to see when the peaks in your consumption occur, and can then make adjustments where necessary.

Temperature and humidity graph

Your Gas & water monitor also measures the air temperature and humidity level. This data is also presented in a graph, which might be of interest if your monitor is installed somewhere where it is exposed to heat or cold and/or damp, such as outdoors or in an unheated space.

The itemized bill

For electricity, you can go one step further than the standard graph. If you open up the grey bar, you will also see a bar detailing your consumption according to your day and night tariff, your standby consumption and your devices’ consumption. If you open up the latter, you will see an itemized bill: an overview of all your devices, how much electricity they have used and how much each of them is costing you individually. You can also view this per day, per month or per year.



If you only have the Energy monitor, then you will of course only see graphs for your electricity consumption, standby consumption and solar power generation (if you have a Solar energy monitor). If you only have a Gas and water monitor, then you will only see the graphs for gas and water.


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