Exchange of Smappee if defective

If you suspect that your Smappee is not working as purposed, please contact our Helpdesk. In order to do that, submit a new request here.

After the Helpdesk confirmed that the device needs to be exchanged, please follow the steps below:

  1. Mark the current clamps in the order that they are connected to the Inputs of the Smappee. in a way that you can connect the current clamps in the exact same way when the new Smappee arrives.

  2. Remove all cables from the Smappee, while leaving the current clamps connected to your fuse box.

  3. Send us the defective unit back so that our technical service investigates the issue.

  4. Send the unit in the original package and without any cables or accessories to the following address: Smappee N.V., Evolis 100, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

    US customers can send it to : 55 Madison Avenue, Suite 400, Morristown, 
    New Jersey 07960, United States of America.

  5. Please include a note with your order number and the Helpdesk ticket number.  Use a parcel service from this list: UPS, TNT, DPD, PostNL, or Fedex).

  6. In some cases, we will refund the shipping costs (max. 12 EUR, after pre-approval by our Helpdesk only). In addition, we will need a copy of the proof of payment for the shipment cost. If you used PayPal or Credit Card as a payment method, we will refund you on your PayPal account or your Credit Card. If you used another payment method, we would need your bank account in order to process the refund.

  7. You will soon receive the new Smappee. The new device comes without cables, power terminals and accessories. Plug it back in and pay attention to the exact order of the current terminal cable.

  8. Install the Smappee as described in the app and in the manual. Please connect to your regular App account as all the data is retained.


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