What can I do If I have more than one electricity meter or a separate heat pump?

You want to install smappee but you have an installation with two electricity meter or a separate heat pump?

The solution would be to use the a Y cable to make the connection between the two counters and the input of Smappee. This cable allows to add up the value of 2 currents from the same phase provided that the 2 clamps have the same direction.
This means the two clamps need to be mounted on the same Phase.

The cable and separate clamps can be ordered here

For a 3 phase installation there is a set available
which contains 3 current clamps and 3 Y cables.

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    John Holmes

    My meters are separated my too long of a distance. Can I just have 3 smappee devices on the same account? I don't see how in the UI.

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