Need longer cable between the current clamps and the Smappee?

NOTICE:  This product is intended for expert use only. You should purchase this product only, after you have verified with the Smappee Helpdesk ( that it is suitable for your particular situation!


Your configuration corresponds to one of these situations:

1. Your fuse box is located outside of the house, where the Smappee can not be installed or where the Wi-Fi can't reach.

2. The inverter of your solar panels is not connected to your main fuse box, but at a remote point within your home electricity grid or in a separate building.

Then you can use the Range extension Current Clamp to RJ45 to extend the distance between the Smappee and the current clamps.


This extension set allows you to extend the range of the current clamps with any standard Ethernet cable. The set consists of 2 parts: one to connect to the current clamps, the other one to connect to the Smappee inputs. In between, you can use any regular Ethernet cable ("RJ45 straight-through/T568B") to extend the range of the current clamps. This set extends up to 3 current clamps.

The Range Extension Set has been tested for distances up to 20 m (65 ft.).  If it is used to bridge longer distances, the measuring accuracy and appliance detection may be degraded.

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