How to improve your Wi-Fi signal?


You can view the strength of the Wi-Fi signal by which your Smappee is connected to your router.

First, navigate in your App to the menu "Smappee" . There, select the serial number of your Smappee, then select "Wi-Fi Strenght"

Note, that your smartphone/tablet needs to be connected with the same Wi-Fi network as your Smappee.

On the next page you see the current Wi-Fi signal strength as received by your Smappee.

Now you can try to improve the signal by small changes in the positioning of the Smappee or the router.

Even small position changes can lead to a significant improvement of signal strength.


Note: If the Smappee loses the Wi-Fi signal completely, the signal strength indication is not updated any more.

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    Philippe Coffyn


    Nice talking to you!
    On my iPhone with 4G (and out of range from my Wi-Fi signal), I get 'Error: the Smappee service is experiencing problems. Please try again later".
    Any clue why? I assume it should work with 4G.

  • Avatar
    Florin Patrichi

    Hi Philippe,
    The Smappee App also works with 4G. I replied to the ticket you opened a few minutes ago. Please have a look and if you need any other information, do not hesitate to get back to me. :)

  • Avatar
    Christophe Vercarre


    I cannot open the smappee app for a few days. Although I am connected to a strong network WIFI network I constantly receive the same error messages: 'Error: the smappee service is experiencing some problems'

  • Avatar
    Andrea Milanesi

    The same for me. Smappee app is down and same so for smappee device. No way to connect, also after app reinstall and smappee device reset. I get the annoying message on the app and blank screen. Ps help. Tx

  • Avatar
    Hans Delabie


    There has been a temporarily problem with the Smappee service.
    We are pleased to inform you that the service has now been restored.

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