What Smappee's Colors tell you?

The Smappee monitor will show various colors and modulations that indicate the progress of the installation and the status and error messages while in use.


The colors can be:

  • Green,
  • Red,
  • Blue,
  • Yellow and
  • Purple

The modulation of the colors:

  • steady light
  • breathing (slowly turning on and off)
  • flashing (sharp on/off)


Green breathing: Everything OK! Your Smappee is connected to your Wi-Fi network and your App account.


Green Steady - Or - Green flashing (sharp on/off): Your Smappee is successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network.  It is now trying to connect to the Internet, then to the Smappee Cloud and then to your App account.

If you see this for more than 60 seconds, repeat the installation process in the App. Press the "Install" bubble, or select the menu item "Smappee", then select the serial number and follow the instructions.



Flashing Blue:  Smappee is ready to start the steps to being connected to your Wi-Fi network and your App account. It has opened its "Hotspot" and is waiting for your Smartphone to be connected.  Once your Smartphone is connected to the Hotspot, the App allows you to select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password.

Note: When you have entered a wrong Wi-Fi password, the Smappee will keep showing the Flashing Blue for more than a minute.


Steady Blue: Smappee is rebooting, please wait. This can take about 3 minutes. Intermediately, the light may turn off for a few seconds.  Permanently blue (for more than 5 minutes), contact support.



Steady Red: Can not connect to Wi-Fi or Internet.  Can be caused by weak Wi-Fi signal, Firewall, or network outage.

Flashing Red: Temporary loss of Wi-Fi or network connection.


Flashing Purple: Smappee WPS button pressed.  Press the WPS button of your router to provide Smappee the password and SSID of the WiFi network you want Smappee to use. After successful WPS, Smappee will show the Green hartbeat.  If not successful it will show Red.


Flashing Yellow: Smappee has opened its "Hotspot" or "Access Point" mode.



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  • Avatar
    Greg Nash Au

    Flashing green isn't listed

  • Avatar
    Stefan Slomp

    Do you mean Steady Green.... Because Flashing Green is listed as Green Heartbeat.

  • Avatar

    I have steady Green, what does that mean ?

  • Avatar

    @Abu: Same as Green Flashing. I updated the text. Regards, Heiko. Smappee.

  • Avatar
    zoher zeidan

    I have my smappy flashing always in Blue....while my internet is connected...so I din t understand where is the pblm...I have checked all my parameters ..

  • Avatar
    Florin Patrichi

    @zoher, please send an e-mail at support@smappee.com with the serial number of your device and our team will be able to help you further. Cheers, Florin

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